If you’re looking to create brand awareness, logo printed OPP tape makes an excellent promotional tool. OPP tape can be used to secure shipping packages and protect products during transit, but it can also make an effective marketing tool when used to display your company logo on the outside of the package instead of or in addition to the product itself. Here are 4 great reasons why you should consider printing your company logo on OPP tape.

1) Brand Awareness

When a potential customer sees your logo printed on our bright, professional-grade OPP tape, they know instantly that you take pride in your business. When people see you take pride in yourself and what you do, they will be more likely to trust you with a job or sale. Trust is important! A simple sticker or label can make all of the difference between success and failure for both big businesses and local shops alike. Using our high-quality OPP printed tape can be an investment that not only makes your business stand out but will ultimately pay off in higher sales due to increased brand awareness!

2) Sustainability

OPP tape helps reduce unnecessary plastic packaging material. Since OPP tape can be printed with your custom logo or message, it’s a great way to extend your branding beyond traditional printing methods. Not only does OPP printed Tape help promote sustainability, but it also provides a reliable adhesive that keeps your printed messages looking new for years to come. The versatility of OPP Tape also makes it useful as either a storage box closure or as a stand-alone dispenser for pens, pencils and more. If you’re ready to embrace sustainable messaging and design, talk to our specialists about how OPP printed tape could benefit your company today!

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3) Marketing and Promotions

Businesses use logo printed OPP tape to market and promote their products or services. Every time someone sees your custom logo printed on product, it is a perfect chance for you to either brand or re-brand your business. OPP printed tape is an ideal advertising tool because of its visibility, versatility and ease of use. There are tons of ways that businesses can use logo printed OPP tape to market and promote their company: marketing kits, door hangers, stickers, posters, name tags…the list goes on! Remember: exposure is key when trying to get a product in front of as many people as possible. Make sure that you don’t miss any opportunity – think outside of yourself!

4) Cost Effective

It is often hard to keep business costs down, especially if you want to create a long-lasting impression. The great thing about logo printed OPP tape is that it offers so much for such a reasonable price. Not only are you able to fully customize your order, but you are also able to create a logo that will stand out and be remembered. We have even created a few samples of what we could do for our clients in order to show them how much cheaper it can be when they get their supplies from us!

The professional team at 2S Packaging is here to help with any of your packing needs. We offer secure and cost-effective packaging solutions. We are the largest tape supplier in Malaysia. If you still have questions about logo printed OPP tape, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our sales agents are ready and waiting to answer all of your questions with a smile on their face.