Hook and loop tape (hook and loop fasteners) is used in construction to hold together different materials, such as bricks and wooden planks. If you haven’t used hook and loop tape before, you might wonder what it can do that other kinds of fasteners can’t accomplish just as well. The following are 10 reasons why hook and loop tape should be the go-to choice for holding together your construction materials in place.

1) Save Time

Hook and loop tape is ideal for people looking to speed up their construction time, as it can be applied in a matter of seconds. Compared to nails and screws, hook and loop tape requires no pre-drilling, which means you don’t have to worry about splitting or cracking your material—and that means you can save a ton of time on each job.

2) Reduce Injuries

Hook and loop tape, which is otherwise known as velcro or other brand names, can improve safety during construction projects. When used properly and responsibly, hook and loop tape can reduce injuries on construction sites by preventing slip-and-fall accidents. Furthermore, it creates a safer work environment for workers by keeping things like tools from falling off of shelves or dangling cords from hazards that could cause an accident.

3) Save Money

Using hook and loop tape to separate rooms can greatly reduce materials and labor costs. Velcro has many uses for commercial construction, including construction of interiors and exteriors. When using hook and loop tapes with other pieces of velcro it is possible to create custom separations that fit any need. Consider using hook and loop tape if you are building a new home or if you are renovating your existing space with new separations that will lower labor costs or ease set up.

4) Flexibility is Key

There are many reasons why it’s great to have hook and loop tape on hand, but if you’re looking for one main reason to use these fasteners, flexibility would be a good pick. Velcro allows you to adjust things on-the-fly or remove your project easily for whatever reason. Think about hanging a sign with velcro—it will come down just as quickly as it went up! No nail holes, no mess.

5) Hook & Loop is Easy to Work With

The main advantage to using hook and loop tape (also known as VELCRO®) is that it’s easy to apply. When you’re working with Hook and Loop tape, you don’t need any tools to add it to your project—just cut, peel and stick. Because there are no nails or screws involved, you can change your mind about where things should go.

The Bottom Line

Because of its affordability, durability and utility, hook and loop tape is a great addition to any construction site. The combination of these qualities makes it one of those work site staples that you can’t be without.