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2S Packaging Sdn Bhd

2S Packaging Sdn Bhd is the leading supplier of self-adhesive tapes and packaging products in Malaysia. We provide one-stop self-adhesive tape solutions and services to customers in Asia region. Other than standard products, customized services, i.e. direct slitting, die cutting, custom-made printing and OEM service are do provided to our customers to meet job specification.

Symbol of Quality

2S is our philosophy; it signifies Superior Quality Products and Speedy Services. Since our inception, we have always embedded “2S” in our corporate culture. Through this philosophy, we endeavour to deliver what our customers value most – the quality, reliability and durability.

Implanted by “2S” spirit, we are committed in providing our customers with high quality products at a competitive price and speedy delivery of customer orders. We also provide professional advice on the correct application of product for the right job, to increase productivity and indirectly reduce the expenses and wastage.

An Aspiring Tape Supplier in the Region

Genetic of Enhancement is deeply embedded in 2S Packaging; this is our way of living! That is why we are enthusiastic on what we are doing and never-ending pursuit of excellence. Our aspiration is to become Asia Leading and Preferred Supplier for comprehensive range of self-adhesive tapes widely used in every kind of industry, Packaging products and Machineries..

In other hand, having secured a formidable market niche, we are determined to further strengthen our product quality, customer service capabilities and Research & Development. We are reliability and enduring our commitment to the future demands. We will always strive to serve the very best to our customers.

Customer’s Satisfaction Is Our Goal

Your satisfaction with our product quality and service is our goal. Paying close attention to your enquiry and urgent matter is also our concern. As a reliable corporation, we look forward to establish friendly long-term cooperation with you in the near future.

If you are interested in our products and services, please write us an effective email on your inquiry, to ensure that we can contact you and give you the best quote.

Vision & Mission


To become customers’ first choice in packaging products and solutions.


1. We provide professional advice to customers by delivering high quality products and solutions.

2. We create harmonious working environment by encouraging team spirit.

3. We conduct corporate social responsibility to nurture a caring society.

4. We strive to build a global recognized premier brand.

5. We always consider the interests of shareholders and maximize their value.

Core Values

Open minded/ Positive

Initiative/ Proactive/ Responsible