Air bubble wrap, or bubble wrap, has been used by businesses and consumers alike since it was first patented in 1957. It’s most commonly used as protective packaging material, but it’s also commonly found at parties and as part of office décor in the form of air bubble cushions. But what exactly is air bubble wrap, how does it work, and how can you use it to your advantage? Let’s find out!

Facts About Air Bubble Wrap

Air bubble wrap is one of many forms of cushioning material that can be used to prevent damage during shipping and storage. Air bubbles are placed in a thin layer between cardboard or other materials and products that need to be protected from damage. The air cushion created by air bubble wrap prevents objects from moving during transit and being damaged, scratched, or dented. There are many different types of cushioning available for commercial use; it is important for each type to fulfill certain criteria. If you choose not to use professional packing supplies when you ship your items you will want your own bubble wrap so that no boxes become damaged before they reach their destination. Should you send your items using boxes, then bubble wrap will be beneficial when filling out these empty spaces with extra layers of protection.

How Does Air Bubble Wrap Work? | 2S Packaging

How Does Air Bubble Wrap Work?

Air bubble wrap is a specialized tool used to protect items while they are being shipped. The bubbles inside of it provide cushioning, giving your item more protection from damage than regular shipping supplies might offer. It’s also reusable, which helps you keep costs down. Air bubble wrap does have a couple of drawbacks. One is that it takes up quite a bit of space when not in use, making it less convenient for storage purposes. The other issue is that some people experience an allergic reaction when exposed to PVC and styrene; those with respiratory issues should take extra care when using air bubble wrap because prolonged exposure can aggravate their condition significantly.

Alternative Uses for Air Bubble Wrap

Air bubble wrap isn’t just for protecting breakable items in transit; it can be used for a wide variety of purposes, both around your home and office. In addition to using air bubble wrap on big or small items, you can use it in many other ways. Here are a few ideas – On furniture with wheels, such as desk chairs: Use it to keep kids from spinning too quickly when playing with their toys, or prevent damage that may occur due to friction between a chair leg and flooring. Place some air bubble wrap under each leg before placing a wheeled chair back into service. You’ll save money replacing damaged chairs because they won’t slip easily or damage floors while rolling across them.

Fun Facts About Air Bubble Wrap

Did you know that air bubble wrap was first developed as a sound-proofing material? It was patented in 1957 by Alfred Fielding, a Ph.D. student at Cornell University who eventually founded Sealed Air Corporation. Fielding didn’t intend for it to be used as packing material – he just wanted a way to insulate his windows without spending too much money. Unfortunately, his idea didn’t take off right away, but soon enough both companies and consumers discovered its true purpose: being wrapped around fragile items so they wouldn’t break during shipping or storage. Fun fact: Did you know that according to Guinness World Records, an American has had over 20,000 pieces of bubble wrap registered on eBay?

Facts About Air Bubble Wrap

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Whether you’re shipping across town or across oceans, bubble wrap is one of your best tools for keeping things from being damaged. From computers and furniture to paint cans and wine bottles, most items benefit from some sort of protection on their trip through time and space. The tips above will help you learn how to maximize your use of air bubble wrap—and how to buy quality-bubble wrap when you need it. Happy wrapping!

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