Are you a building contractor and don’t have any idea about what type of tape you should be using? If so, then don’t worry! We’ve got just the right options for you! Building and construction industry proves to be one of the fields where tapes are an absolute necessity. Moreover, not all tapes can be used for construction purposes.

When looking for the right tape, there are various factors that you must consider. However, we can’t let you go through the inconvenience to comparing the numerous different types of tapes yourself! Here are the five most suitable and popularly used tapes for building and construction industry.

Masking Tapes | 2S Packaging

1. Masking Tape

Masking Tape is made of crepe paper that is easy-to-tear and incredibly durable. The paper is single coated with a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive with remarkable tackiness. Some of the most prominent properties of Masking Tape include high temperature resistance, thermal insulation, strong holding power, eco-friendliness, and more!
The tape is ideal for sealing of windows and doors. Another popular use for the tape is as a masking material to protect sensitive surfaces, such as, metal, glass, and marble.

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Filament Tape | 2S Packaging

2. Filament Tape

Filament Tape is crafted from a durable polypropylene film reinforced with fiberglass. It is single coated with a specially designed rubber adhesive of high tensile strength. Filament Tapes are generally known for their adhesive strength making them the prefect tape for the building and construction industry.

The fact that the Filament Tape is weather resistant also reinforces its idealness as a construction tape. Some major uses of the tape include heavy-duty bundling, sealing of wooden furniture, and many more!

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SKPT Tape | Opp Tapes | Packing Tapes | 2S Packaging

3. SKPT Tape

The SKPT Tape, also known as Siliconized Kraft Paper Tape, is made of craft paper as carrier and coated with acrylic solvent adhesive. The SKPT Tape exhibits the perfect balance between the glue line and moisture-proof properties. For this reason, the tape is most suited for low temperature applications.

The high tackiness and great carrier quality significantly increases the shelf life of the SKPT Tape. Thanks to all its resistive attributes, the SKPT Tape is great for use in construction areas.

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Barricade Tape, Caution Tape, Warning Tape, Hazard Tapes | Safety Tapes | 2S Packaging

4. Caution Tape

The most important tape used during construction is a safety tape to mark the area under construction as dangerous or inaccessible. For this purpose, the Caution Tape is an ideal choice. Caution Tape is made of polyethylene film as carrier.

Caution Tapes are generally known for their durability. They are also waterproof and can be used in regions with high moisture levels. The high strength and flexibility of Caution Tapes makes it easy to surround the entire area under construction. These tapes can last for months without being damaged!

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Black PVC Protection Tape | PVC Tapes | 2S Packaging

4. PVC Protection Tape

A PVC Protection Tape is made from polyvinyl chloride film as carrier and coated with a pressure sensitive and natural rubber adhesive. This tape also holds strong insulation properties and can be used in areas with varying climate conditions.

Not only can this tape be used for construction, but it can also be used as a protection material for electrical or corrosive materials.

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