Lang International Corporate Titan Awards 2021 - Excellent Industrial Tapes Supplier

Yeah! We did it again! 2S Packaging won the Lang International Corporate Titan Awards (LICTA) 2021 as Excellent Industrial Tapes Supplier. We’ll never stop innovating for a better tomorrow!

2S has been audited and compliant with qualitative & quantitative measurements as set by LICTA’s Selection Board for being “Outstanding, Genuine & Trustworthy”.

Founded in 2011, 2S has grown as an established & reputable supplier in all kind of industrial tapes, packaging materials and tools & dispenser.

Some of 2S Packaging clients, just to name a few includes Harvey Norman, Muji, GDEx, Pos Malaysia, Watson, Air Asia, Maybank and etc.

Under the leadership of Mr Chang Voon Teck and Mr Chang Voon Soon who have more than 11 years of relevant experience, coupled with the strong support from a highly dedicated & well trained team members, we believe the company will soar high in the near future.

About Lang International Corporate Titan Awards

LICTA certification marks the recognition for enterprises in the respect of being “Outstanding, Genuine & Trustworthy”. It will be the most trusted reference for their business associates, investors, bankers and so forth.

A series of branding, advertising & promotion activities to enhance the enterprises’ brand recognition.

A resource integration platform comprises highly knowledgeable, exceptionally informative and distinctly connected person. This is also an excellent platform for business networking.