We would like to thank all of our customers, distributors and partners who have helped us grow this past year! Without your help, we would not be here. We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here’s to another great year ahead!

Thank you for trusting 2S Packaging as Your Trusted Industrial Tape Supplier

Thank you for choosing 2S Packaging to serve as your trusted industrial tape supplier. We’re grateful for our strong, long-standing relationships with customers all over Malaysia. 2S Packaging is committed to providing exceptional products, unparalleled customer service, and expert technical support for a range of solutions that can help you seal, protect, hang or label a wide variety of items in your facility every day. Our company values are Quality, Service and Commitment—and we strive to live up to those values with each order we fill.

Thank You to All Our Employees

Thank you for your trust in our company. Thank you for choosing to work with us. You are very important to us. Please continue doing a great job. We would like to thank you very much for all your hard work throughout 2021, we look forward to seeing you in 2022! Here’s hoping it is a successful one – both at home and at work! We hope that you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ahead of you!

Here’s to A Better 2022!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season, we want to take a moment to thank our customers for all their support in 2021. It’s because of you that we have been able to grow so much since Covid-19. We’re looking forward to an even bigger 2022. We have some big plans in store for 2022 including expansion into more regions. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!