The right packaging and shipping supplies can mean the difference between an unsatisfied customer and an ecstatic one. If you’re running your own e-commerce business, it’s likely that your customers are going to be receiving your products in boxes, mailers, bubble wrap, or similar packing materials, so it’s important to choose these items wisely. Online retailers have lots of shipping supply options from which to choose, so it’s important to make the best choice when selecting your packaging and shipping supplies!

Adhesive Tapes

If you’re looking to streamline your packaging process and save a little bit of money, then adhesive tapes are a good place to start. While most e-commerce retailers will opt for more expensive stretch films and shrink films, your best bet may be to stick with packaging that can be taped down. Not only does tape provide an easy way to seal shipping boxes, but it also keeps costs down. Because adhesive tape is often sold in bulk, you can buy large amounts of it and store it until you need it. You don’t have to worry about waiting on tape delivery because there isn’t any special ordering process required.

Packaging Materials

There are lots of options when it comes to packaging materials and which one you use depends on what kind of item you’re shipping, how much you’re shipping, and how fragile your product is. For example, if you have a bunch of light-weight products with little value that need to be shipped several times a week, then standard bubble mailers might be best. But if your items are more valuable or delicate (or both), then a box with bubble wrap and layers of padding might work better. You can buy packaging materials by weight or piece (though sometimes these two things differ) depending on your needs.

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Shipping Boxes

To make sure your customers’ packages arrive intact, get them packaged in high-quality boxes. Find a tape supplier near you to make sure you have plenty of packing tape when you need it; you might even be able to ask them what they recommend using to seal your boxes shut. It’s best not to use scotch tape or stickers—their adhesive tends to lose its stickiness over time, leaving some packages unsealed.

OPP Tape & Plastic Bags

Shopping bags are convenient and cost-effective, but they’re typically thrown away after one use. They take up space in landfills and pose a risk to marine life. Look into ordering your packaging from a tape supplier in bulk, or consider using opp tape (opposite side taping) to seal multiple bags together as needed. OPP tape is an adhesive that seals clear plastic bags quickly and easily, allowing you to re-use them without hassle or compromise on quality. You can even print or write on it with markers so it doubles as a marketing tool! Most people never think about packaging for small e-commerce sites, but knowing about opp tape can save you money and keep more waste out of landfills!

Air Bubble Wrap

If you’re planning to ship your products in a box, consider using bubble wrap as your packing material. It helps protect items from damage and also cushions them so they arrive in excellent condition. An added bonus is that it’s lightweight and can reduce shipping costs. Remember to carefully measure what you’re shipping, as bubble wrap comes in various sizes that may or may not be compatible with your needs.


Don’t overlook packaging when you’re setting up your e-commerce shop. Your packaging is crucial to both how your goods are received by customers and how they are stored in stock.

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