Packaging Materials

EVA, PE And PU Foam Sheet


Foam Sheet Category: Packaging Materials EVA Foam which is known as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam is a resilient and closed cell foam with high level of cross-linkage. EVA Foam has greater recovery characteristics after compression. Due to great level of resilience, this closed cell foam as an excellent material  in production [...]

Die Cut Foam (EVA, PE, and PU)


Die Cut Foam Category: Packaging Materials Die Cut PU Foam is made of soft polyurethane foam which undergoes shearing and cutting process by using a die. As an introduction, PU Foam which is known as Polyurethane Foam is a soft and open cell foam without cross-linkage between the cell molecules. Due [...]

Corrugated Paper


Corrugated Paper Category: Packaging Materials Corrugated Paper is a recyclable paper pulp based material consisting of a fluted sheet which bond to one or two flat liner boards. It is consist of a series of parallel ridges and furrows with eye-catching characteristics. Long Shelf Life As an [...]

Air Bubble Pack


Air Bubble Pack Category: Packaging Materials Air Bubble Pack is made of low density polyethylene film (LDPE) with a shaped surface which bond to another flat surface to form air bubbles which resist to loss of air in vacuums. Raised air-filled hemisphere of bubbles provide the function of cushioning for protection of fragile [...]

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