Shrink Packaging Machine is an automatic packaging machine which is composed of a variety of multifunction device including dispensing device, sealing device as well as shrinking device. This machine is fundamental by dispensing device which is dispensing exact recommended portions of materials such as foodstuffs into toxic free and heat shrinkable polymer film packages. Next, the full-filled packages are able to undergo sealing and shrinking process to ensure well-fit packagings.


  • Composed of a loop of flexible belt which mechanically used for power transmission
  • Steel frame structure with anti-rusting characteristic promotes the durability and rigidity
  • Attached with an electric motor which is driven by an alternating current called AC Motor
  • Consists of cutting blade which is able to achieve a balance between hardness and toughness



  • An ideal belt drive construction lower tension as well as protect the machine against jam
  • High speed steel cutting blade allow for cutting edge to cleanly pass through the packages
  • Uniform design of AC Motor allow for exceptional speed control to perform good operation
  • High quality control system promote efficiency of machine as well as industrial productivity



  • Ideally suited for shrinking and sealing of daily comestic, soap as well as laundry product
  • Widely used for packaging of seasoning ingredients such as salt, sugar and spicing powder
  • Used as food contact packaging machine for foodstuff, beverage bottle and confectioneries




Size (With Stand)
L 1120 mm x W 660 mm x H 550 mm
Sealing Dimension
L 460 mm x W 320 mm
Maximum Package Height
120 mm
Power Voltage
100 V, 110 V, 200 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V
Power Consumption (Medium)
1.3 Kilowatt / Hour
Power Consumption (Maximum)
1.9 Kilowatt / Hour
Electrical Requirements
2.5 Kilowatt / Hour
Electrical Requirement (Motor)
1.5 Kilowatt / Hour
Automatic Grade
Maximum Film Dimension
L 400 mm x W 250 mm
Film Category
Heat Shrinkable Polymer Film
Factory Warranty
Six months parts and labors

Heavy Duty ?
Outdoor/Indoor ?
Outdoor and Indoor
Packaging Speed
18 to 22 packages/minute
Industry Food & Beverage Industry, Fruits & Vegetables Industry, Food & Beverage Proccessing Industry, Meat Proccessing Industry, Hypermarket, Meat Packing Industry, Comestic Product Industry, Clinic, Hospital, Pharmacy, Tool & Hardware Industry, Plastic Industry, Grocery Shop, Bread & Pastry Shop, Bread & Confectionery Industry, Seasoning & Sauce Production Industry