The type of tape you choose to use when packaging your goods has an effect on the way it looks, how long it lasts, and what you can do with it after it’s done its job. Some tapes are good for indoor use while others are designed to be used outside or are perfect for certain surfaces, but not others. Knowing the difference between the different types of packaging tapes, along with when to use them, can make your job easier and your packaging look better. Let’s take a look at the most common types of packaging tapes available today!

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1. OPP Tape

The perfect tape for quick shipping, OPP tape is great for boxes that need to be shipped quickly because it’s lightweight, strong, water-resistant, and flexible. It tears easily which makes it a great choice when you’re in a rush. OPP tape sticks only to itself so its greatest advantage is that it can easily be removed without damaging box corners or leaving behind any residue. This means it’s easy to re-use your boxes and ensure they don’t go to waste after one use. It also makes transporting and storing OPP tape easier than other types of packaging tapes since there is no sticky adhesive left on them after removal; however, due to its light weight compared with other packaging tapes, it isn’t very resistant against moisture.

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2. Hook and Loop

Hook and loop tape, also known as Velcro, is a thin strip of material that has two sticky sides. Its adhesive nature makes it excellent for attaching signs or letters to walls. It is also ideal for holding boxes shut when shipping items. The biggest downside with hook and loop tape is its lack of durability once applied. In high-traffic areas, it may come off prematurely as people walk by it too often. Another disadvantage of hook and loop tape is that you must pull up a section in order to get at whatever lies beneath it. This means you have to leave extra room around your item if you’re going to secure it in place with only hook and loop tape. If you want something very easy to remove later on, however, then hook and loop tape will do well for you.

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3. Floor Marking Tape

For high traffic areas, you’ll want to invest in floor marking tape. This type of tape is often durable and suitable for heavy-duty use. Floor marking tape is highly visible, has a long lifespan, and leaves little residue when removed. The key difference between other tapes we discuss here today is that floor marking tape doesn’t usually come with an adhesive backing. Instead, it consists of two pieces: one piece with a gritty surface and another piece with a soft surface. The two pieces are designed to stick together while separated on your flooring. Because it does not require glue or double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), it can be cleaned off easily if needed.

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4. Cloth Tape

Cloth tape is commonly used for its fabric-like appearance. It can be found in automotive applications, where it may be used to hold up carpeting or cover a tear in an interior panel. Although cloth tape is among the most affordable options, it’s often far less durable than other types. You shouldn’t use it for heavy-duty packaging or deliveries, but you might want to consider using it for light shipping. This way, you can save money by putting together your own boxes instead of purchasing expensive pre-made boxes.

There are many different types of packaging tapes on the market. It can be difficult to understand which one you should use when, especially with so many variations in quality and durability available. If you’re unsure about what type of tape you need for your job, contact 2S Packaging for a free consultation today. We are here to offer you professional advice based on your situation. Ultimately, it’s important that you use a tape that is durable enough for your application but also comfortable for your employees.