Pallet stretch film, or pallet wrap, comes in a variety of types and thicknesses that have different uses. Choosing the right pallet stretch film will save you time and money and help protect your products on the road to their final destination. Follow these tips to make sure you choose the right one.

1) Durability

Stretch film is one of those products you rarely think about unless you need it. But when pallet stretch film has to work as hard as it does, making sure you have a high-quality product that won’t fail on your shipping and storage needs can mean keeping customers and safeguarding inventory—not to mention, keeping your business operating efficiently. When looking at stretch film, how do you know which one will perform best? How do you know what factors go into durability? Luckily, there are several things to look out for:

  1. Elongation: Stretch films that stretch farther before breaking are more durable.
  2. Puncture strength: Puncture resistance is another factor in durability. A stretch film with good puncture resistance should be able to resist tears longer, even under heavy loads.
  3. Operating temperature range: The way stretch films react at different temperatures matters not only for packaging but also for equipment longevity. If you use your rollers outside their specified range, they could crack or wear down faster.
  4. Consistency from roll to roll: You don’t want inconsistency among rolls because it can cause problems with throughput and make management difficult.

2) Quality Control

Stretch film comes in three different grades: low density, medium density and high density. As a rule of thumb, low-density stretch film is best suited for heavy loads while high-density stretch film is more suitable to light loads. Don’t make decisions based solely on price, however; you need to consider performance characteristics such as how easy it is to load, stretch and unload from pallets. Keep in mind that there are several factors that affect performance including temperature and humidity levels as well as type of load (heavy or light). You may also want to choose pallet wrap based on size or color – but never at expense of quality! Consider your end goal and make sure you’re choosing wrap that will get you there effectively.

3) Compatibility with Other Equipment

When you’re choosing a stretch film for pallets, make sure it’s compatible with any other equipment you may already have or plan to get. If you’re looking at different kinds of stretch film and want to know which will work best, ask your stretch-film supplier about compatibility issues or contact an equipment manufacturer. Be sure to get specific details about how particular stretch films will work with different types of wrapping machines and hand-wrapping techniques.

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4) Cost-Effective Solution

Pallet stretch film is a cost-effective way to secure pallets and keep products from falling off during shipping or storage. However, different stretch films offer varying levels of protection, so before purchasing stretch film, you should be familiar with its features and how they’ll affect your bottom line. Our expert shares tips on choosing pallet stretch film for an efficient delivery system that supports your business goals.

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