Is it the high cost of printed cartons that you want to avoid, or is it a transit promotional tool you want from the custom printed tapes? Printed tape is the modern ideal to get your message reach your customers when goods arrive at their final destination. But before asking for a quote on custom printed tapes from a top trusted company, it is essential to have the following information with you.

1. Material of the Tape

What type of material do you expect to get when you make an order? The kind of material that you need depends on the kind of products that you want to seal. There are different materials that are used to make custom tapes. They include PVC, Air Bubble Pack, Die Cut Form, lamination film, and Food Wrap. With all these materials, prices vary from one material to another, depending on the material used.

2. What Color Do You Need?

Tapes come in different colors depending on your specification. Other colors are again done differently, e.g., if the color you want in your tape is not standard, it needs to be flood quoted, which calls for more labor. To get the right color, the tape needs to be taken through the press multiple times to ensure that the color and the logo don’t fade quickly.

3. Tape dimension

If you have a specific dimension that you require, the width and the length of the tape has a negligible effect on the price: price increase with the increase in size. When considering the dimension, make sure that it fits all the information you want to convey and visible to your customers.

4. Number and color of inks required.

When it comes to the inks used, price increases with the number of colors needed. Printing one color on your tape is cheaper than printing multiple colors in it because of the different processes used. More than one color is passed through the various press, and a separate tape would need to be made.

When it comes to colors, there are specific colors that are in the order you give. Price will apply to attain the color you need if fewer standard colors are to be used.

5. Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are charged depending on several factors.

  • It depends on the dimensions of the tape. More tape attracts more shipping costs.
  • Weight of the item that you have ordered more significant item for more price again.
  • Location that the case is to be shipped to.

6. Size of your Order.

Like any other order, the prize will depend on the size of the order, and the more you buy, the more you have to save. In big tape manufacturers, offers such as free tapes are made on more charges.

Finally, if you are not very sure about the material you need, it’s always good to contact a professional to help you. In a company like 2S packaging, customer satisfaction is what has kept them in business. Contact us today for a free quote.