Tools & Dispenser

Vegetable Tape Dispenser


Vegetable Tape Dispenser Category: Tools & Dispenser Vegetable Tape Dispenser is light, durable and easy to operate. It widely used in supermarket for sealing vegetable, fruits and etc. Vegetable tape works faster than ordinary binding systems, reducing labour costs and process-control is more easier and thoroughly. Convenience [...]

Strapping Sealer and Tensioner Tools


Strapping Sealer and Tensioner Tools Category: Tools & Dispenser Strapping Sealer and Tensioner Tools are handheld devices that are used to hold a loose load together. Sealerare used to tightly band from outside of objects while tensioner are designed to apply strapping in tension. These tools tighten and seal the strapping that holds packages [...]

Strapping Band Machine


Strapping Band Machine Category: Tools & Dispenser Strapping Band Machine which is also known as bundler is a semi-automatic strapping equipment which is commonly used with a dispenser to undergo dispensing process. It consist of a photo eye which is used to detect the location of bundle and activate the strapping machine. It [...]

Shrink Packaging Machine


Shrink Packaging Machine Category: Tools & Dispenser Shrink Packaging Machine is an automatic packaging machine which is composed of a variety of multifunction device including dispensing device, sealing device as well as shrinking device. This machine is fundamental by dispensing device which is dispensing exact recommended portions of materials such as foodstuffs into toxic [...]

Gummed Paper Dispenser


Gummed Paper Dispenser Category: Tools & Dispenser Gummed Paper Dispenser is a multifunction device as tape holder which includes measuring function, dispensing function, moistening function as well as cutting function. This special and formulated invention is specially designed for water activated tape which provide good bonding results after moistened with water called Gummed [...]

OPP Tape Dispenser


OPP Tape Dispenser Category: Tools & DispenserOPP Tape Dispenser which is made of firm plastic material is an useful tool as tape holder which consist of cutting blade device at one end to shear the tape. This balance formulated invention is ideally suited for general-purpose dispense and cutting of pressure sensitive tape in order [...]

Hard PVC Tape Dispenser


Hard PVC Tape Dispenser Category: Tools & Dispenser Hard PVC Tape dispenser is commonly using in supermarket and bakery shop for packaging purpose. It may also use in fruits & vegetable industry and etc. It maintains the freshness of the products and presents a great product display. It is a cost-effective and cost-efficient [...]

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