SME Platinum Brand and Service Excellence Award 2020 — PBA 2020 Gala Dinner | 2S Packaging

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston S. Churchill.

This year, when the world is tested to the greatest extend, Platinum Business Awards still managed to push on to celebrate phenomenal achievement and resilience from Malaysia’s greatest achievers. The Platinum Business Awards 2020 Dinner Gala was held at Sunway Resort Hotel on March 19, 2021. Our team was honored to be invited to attend the gala dinner and was grateful to be awarded with:

Platinum Business Awards 2020

  • SME Brand Excellence Award
  • SME Service Excellence Award

“It was fabulous to hear our name read out as a winner among some incredible organizations who were considered in the same categories. The group were excited to have won not one, but rather two honors. It is splendid to have some external acknowledgment of the endless hard work and dedication that our entire team put into making 2S Packaging astounding for our clients.”

The honors have pride of spot in our office and are another approach to keep up the motivation of our incredible group to continue to do what they do each day!

Participating in the Platinum Business Awards 2020 Gala Dinner was a one-of-a-kind experience. We had our expectations about the ceremony, yet hearing our name being announced as the winner was really magical and exciting. Winning such an honor implied a great deal for our whole team attending the gala.

The night was absolutely fantastic, we had so much fun! The coordinators truly outdid themselves despite the hard times. Every attendants and the organizers followed the SOP to keep a distance with each other during this CMCO period. We definitely made some awesome memories during that night. It was an incredible night to mingle and connect with other businesses.

About Platinum Business Awards

A strong legacy evolves into integrity while well natured integrity are like a staple to legacy, compensating each other to form a unique equilibrium and perfection. For the past 19 years, an ultimate business recognition concept is constantly tested and challenged, experimental and pushed to the limits, morphing into a strongest representation of all times in the business arena.

Platinum Business Awards believed in core values that shapes personal and organisational success, value creations and purpose. These exemplary core values are like a set of evergreen collection, reliable, tested, continuously striving to inspire stellar performance.

The theme “RESURGENCE” tells the tales of the resurfacing of strength, versatility and bravery to voyage through the unsettling wave of world wide pandemic.